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"…….its the most wonderful time of the year"

hey guys whats goin on. now that bonnaroo is right around the corner i figured no better time to start posting on here. the roo farm is gunna be opened up june 7th-10thbut with this much time from now till the day you leave theres no better time to start planning/saving and imhere to help out with that and some other things to remember when getting ready to enjoy that awesome weekend.

true, roo is around 5 months away the earlier you start saving for everything the easier things are. the more money you have saved up, the easier it is to be ready for the unexpected things that can happen. even if nuthin happens its always better to have the extra money and not needed it. remeber your down in Tennessee and getting money from home may not be as easy as you think. keep in mind roo doesnt need to break you bank so dont drain your bank account unless you’ve planned for that. if you start saving now youll be surprised how fast your roo fund will build up. even if you save 50 bucks from each check before you leave from roo youll have 800 saved up for spending on the trip to and from as well as more then enough money to make it thru the day to day on the farm. another way to make the money part of roo easier is to buy your tickets early the day they go on sale and to also buy them on the payment plan the official bonnaroo website offers. if you get the tickets early, the payment plan is broken down into easy payments of one 70 dollar start up payment and then 4 50 payments spread out over the next few months till roo. so main point of all this is to start saving money as early as possible cause theres nuthin worse then having your roo plans fall apart cause of money.

another important thing to start doing early is plan. planning roo isn’t hard if you plan things out early and be prepared. once you get a your group together and tickets are ordered its time to start planning and get supplies. to save some money try to find friends who will lend you some of the bigger things you or someone your going with doesnt have like tents, sleeping bags, canopys or whatever else you wanna bring down. if you cant find anyone to borrow this stuff from now is the best time to grab all that stuff. walmart and other big department stores have a bunch of camping gear  and out doors stuff that they dont have room for or customers dont need cause its winter. since they still have this stuff from last summer they need to make room for new gear so this stuff will be extremely cheap. big reason why planning early is important cause if you get it now youll save alot more then tryin to buy it in may when other people wanna get ready for camping. another tool to make it everything easier is to buy things little buy little. its alot easier to spend alittle each week on supplies then have to drop alot all at once. plus this way you can keep an eye out for sales on water and other things youll need alot of. one final big tool in making roo easy and affordable is to save pocket change. if you save all your change from now till roo youll be surprised how much  extra money you have that you didnt have to do anything for. last year i paid for my ticket in change so that made all the money i put aside from each check able to be put towards other stuff and just extra drug money. planning also goes as far as what drugs you wanna do down there. true you can buy almost anything you could wanna take buyin it down there will be wicked expensive and could be unsafe. buy your stuff from people you know and at the right prices so you dont get ripped off and buy something that will make you sick/die. i even took my drug planning to another level when the line up came out. i planned which drug i was gunna do during what set hahahaha now you dont need to get that involved with planning but it doesnt hurt.

so just to warp this all up, saving and planning for everything will make or break your time at roo. dont do/save enough before roo, your time will suck

this is the background inside the comedy tent. the colors inside the word bonnaroo changes different colors and is always wicked trippy.

this is the background inside the comedy tent. the colors inside the word bonnaroo changes different colors and is always wicked trippy.


hey guys back agian with another postin. figured id mix it up alittle and tell you a story this time and save the tips for next time. so thursday is the first real day of the festival and this is the day you figure out if you can handle it here for the next few days. now most people are still tryin to get into the camp site and gettin there tent and shit set up but since we showed up wednesday we got to just enjoy the day. before we got to involved with the fest we wanted to go check out the general store right outside centeroo. since we planned on goin to the walmart outside bonnaroo and never made it we didnt have any food or anything we needed. so we all got ready and made our first trip up to centeroo. luckily, we only had about a 20-25 minute walk to centeroo cause we were not prepared for that bright sun and the intense heat. we also found out this day that you can not,let me repeat CAN NOT drink the water at roo. the only running water they have there is well water and has somethin in it( i think a local said it was sulfur) that make it taste and smell awful. the only thing i can compare the smell and taste to was gross boiled eggs. of course i had to find out about the awful tase the hard way but bein the first person to take a big gulp of the egg water. shit sucked.

 so after egg water and our walk to centeroo the only thing i can think is “this place is fuckin awesome!” i havent even been inside the fest yet and i was already in love with the whole vibe  of it. all the wall around centeroo one the first day are painted a bright burnt orange with lots of giant pictures of past acts and other great moments from roos of years past. all the walls are left blank and filling it with random quotes and awesome art work is left up to the fans. bonnaroo is as big into art as there are into the music. every wall at roo is free to be painted by anyone who has paint.

now back to general store visit. we found out that roo uses the convience of havin the store there to make as much money as possible. everythnig in the store is marked up higher then youd ever thing youd see it. for example they had a 1/4 roll of duct tape for 5 bucks, loafs of bread for 5, and gallons of water for 5 bucks. we planned on gettin food to grill back at our camp site but without droppin an arm and a leg that wasnt happening. we ended up buyin a pack of hot dogs and a loaf of bread for 12 bucks!!! after goin to the general store and droppin all our stuff back off at the site we did our best to cool off agian and get ready to go back up and actually into centeroo for the first time. we didnt make it back up there till later in the day so the line to get in there wasnt long at all. somethin to remember, as much as everyone says roo doesnt care bout drugs it all depends on the person checkin you before you scan in. luckily i thought of this had my stuff hidden in my bag cause if lost my drugs on day one i would have been bullshit the entire time.

 once we got in we all in such shock and awe of how amazing everything in centeroo is decided to walk around and just check everything out before we dive right into everything that is roo. after takin everything in and tryin our best to figure out which is what and where is this we got inline for our first set, comedy set featuring lewis black. while waitin inline for tickets to that show we were able to check out our first band called “wavves”. the comedy/cinema tent are close enough to this tent that while waitin for those shows you can check out others. since we had to wait awhile for tickets we got things goin but rollin mad blunts and burnin it the fuck down. after bout an hour of straight burnin they started to give out tickets for the lewis black show. we figured out that all the tickets for the shows are the same so once we got one ticket we jumped back in line and grabbed a few so we didnt have to wait for any other shows this day. after we got all our tickets we waited in line cause we heard from someone else that they give out to many tickets for the shows and we wanted to make sure we had seats. most of our first day was spent at the comedy tent because there wasnt much good music goin on so we figured we get all the comedy stuff out of the way. some of the highlights were lewis black, ralphie may and the guys from workaholics. since it was only the first day we tried to keep it early so we could get some sleep and get ready for the real stuff. we headed back to the camp site round 1 and called it a night.

well guys those are some of the high points from thursday. im sure i left alot out but im sure as i write more ill remember more things. untill next time guys peace music and roo

This is a shirt i wore down there. This is what it looks like after 2 washes. Something you should think bout before goin down is can you deal with atleast being this dirty for almost a week?

This is a shirt i wore down there. This is what it looks like after 2 washes. Something you should think bout before goin down is can you deal with atleast being this dirty for almost a week?

Don’t bring clothes down to roo that you care about. Everything you own will get disgusting and ruined. Turst me, when it comes to clothes down there nobody cares if your fashionable so leave the 50 dollar shirts or 100 dollar jeans at home.

Don’t bring clothes down to roo that you care about. Everything you own will get disgusting and ruined. Turst me, when it comes to clothes down there nobody cares if your fashionable so leave the 50 dollar shirts or 100 dollar jeans at home.

Bonnaroo joint

hey everybody, here to talk bout smokin down at roo. Now im a big blunt roller but with the extremely dry weather we had this year(2011) unless you plan on rollin all your blunts to smoke right then they do not work down there. i tried to pre-roll some blunts so when i ate mushrooms later on that day i wouldnt have to deal with rollin them. as the day went on the leafs on the blunts got so dried that they started to flake off and fall apart. the final blunt i tried to smoke at the end of the night was so dried out the blunt fell apart on me half way through the big boi set. i knew i wouldnt wanna roll blunts all the time so i bought a pack of papers on the drive down. thank god i planned for my laziness or i would have been fucked and had to buy a bowl or something.

so once i started rollin joints instead of blunts i was still breakin up enough for a blunt and didnt know what to do with the left over bud. thats when i figured instead of dealin with a bunch of shafe in the bag i grabbed a another paper and put the first joint inside the second paper. then in the second paper i put the first joint i rolled with more bud around it and rolled it up. so it a joint stuffed with another joint. i had never heard of this before so i named it a bonnroo joint.

i took the bonnaroo joint a step further as we started breakin into the good bud. i rolled the first joint with the good bud then i put hat in the second paper and filled it with mids. since i used the mids on the outside i packed that fuckin thing and made that thing a gorilla finger. once i got it down it bcame the only thing i smoked at roo and for the first 2 weeks i was home. now that ive been back ive even takin it all one further step and started rollin bonnaroo blunts. i would roll a cigarello and put that insde a full blunt. its the greatest thing to happen to the blunt since game came out with 99 cent blunts. well untill next time everyone start plannin, june comes alot faster then you think. peace music and bonaroo

ps pictures of bonnaroo joint/blunts will be posted soon.    

the countdown to roo………first post

hey guys first post is gunna be some info about tickets and some things to think bout while waiting for roo to be close enough to do the serious packing and preppin. if your thinking bout goin to roo and and you have at least one friend ready and dependable enough you should go ahead and buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale(pre sale tickets are up for sale now but theres only a limited number left). the sooner you buy your ticket to roo the cheaper they are. there are 3 teirs of prices for ga ticket. they only have a limited number of tickets and the price goes up as they sell tickets. the prices usually ranges from 225-280.

now its important to also think bout how much its actually gunna cost you to go down there and actually survive the fest. theres nuthing worse then buyin a ticket and then realizing down the road that you can afford to get down there. planning a trip down there means you almost need to plan for everything possibility. it helps that you think the highest possible numbers for thing when considering money. better to come back from roo with extra money then to be bummin down there with nuthin. alot of the prices you think about depend on a few things. you need to think bout how big you wanna do this and how much your willing to spend. ive heard of people bringing as little as 500 (outside ticket price) and as much as 2000 dollars down to make sure there roo is as great as possible. roo’ not cheap but if you have to do it on a budget its possible.

one last tip i talked a little bit about earlier is to make sure you plan all this out with a dependable friend. theres nuthing worse then buyin a ticket hopping someone will buy a ticket after or buyin one and backin out on you. i had an experience were i bought a ticket and my ride waited and never got tickets. luckily i had other friend that were goin down that offered a ride. dont take the risk in buyin tickets at different times. if ordering for 2011 is a sign for 2012 then tickets WILL sell out and fast. ive seen that its good to try and get a large group of people together. the more people the less things cost and the more thing people have to bring down.besides going to crazy shows its also a big campin trip and the more friends you have the better. if you have two cars of people you can have plenty of space and stuff to set up shop at your camp site and be comfortable. as great as a large group is im sure just havin one friend with you wouldnt be awful. just make sure you are ready to be in a car/bus/train/(worse outcome)plane with this person and are gunna be with them alot the next week or so.

these are some things to think bout when planning your trip and buying your tickets. make sure you plan as much as possible. make sure you decied hot much you wanna spend in advanced and start savin early, it comes faster then you thing. finally make sure you do this all with at least one dependable person, its better to bring a group of people but at least one persons better then none. well, thats all i feel like typin so till next time guys repost the site and tell your friends.

peace music and roo

welcome to tumblroo stories

hey guys my names jeff and welcome to tumblroo stories, a tumblr from the point of view of a first time rooer. ill be telling you about the travels down to roo, gettin in and set up, and the greatness of the fest. im also gunna post pictures and give tips i learned first hand. if anybody has questions about anything along the way just post’em and if i cant answer it ill find one for you.

as we get closer to roo 2012 (june 7-10 2012) ill be organizing a trip down there and will be using this as a way to keep everybody in the loop with buying tickets as well as planning and packing. im also gunna try and reach out to other local boston area rooers to meet up with along the way down to tennessee and travels throughout the fest. 

one thing before i actually get started posting, this is a completely uncensored blog and im not gunna hide/change any stories. sorry to my family or friends that get offended by the post on here. i smoke weed and do drugs but i also take care of my important shit first so if you dont like what you see here dont follow. im sorry if that came out harsh i just wanted to get that out of the way so i can post freely. so again one more time, welcome to tumblroo stories and thanks for reading. peace music and roo!

ps i know its alittle hippieish but if you’ve been there you get it.